Project X

The Story

Inspired by our borough’s resilience and innovation, which birthed global artistic phenomenon like Hip-Hop and Salsa, we believe in continuing a legacy of indigenous artistic creation and education while making it accessible across local, national, and international borders. For this reason we sought members who include educators, writers, organizers, performers, activists, artists, and emcees who are dedicated to keeping the Bronx in the hands of Bronx natives.

Project X strengthens the creative and community essence of the Bronx through regular collaborations with artists and organizations. Culturally entrenched in Latinidad yet invested in the artistic expression of all people, we are intergenerational and intersectional at our core. Project X curates the borough’s first monthly Slam Series to represent ourselves at national competitions. Through the Slam Series Project X provides guidance and skills to team members to sustain their poetic vocation.

Our goals include the following:
- Partner with various Bronx-based artists and organizations to curate programming ranging from art galleries, film screenings, fashion shows, community workshops, parties, and more.
- Facilitate a monthly poetry slam, every last Thursday of the month, that features Latinx poets.
- Create the first ever Bronx reppin' slam team which will be sent to compete at the National Poetry Slam in the Summer of 2018.

All events are curated, hosted, and organized by Latinx individuals. We are the proud recipients of a 2017 Neighborhood Grant from the Citizens Committee for New York City.

The Chisme

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